$SCAT Token

Popular internet meme now available as a token on Solana Network

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How to buy $SCAT in 3 quick steps

  • 1.


    Visit https://phantom.app/ and install one of the most popular wallet crypto wallet

  • 2.


    Visit decentralized exchange https://jup.ag or https://raydium.io

  • 3.


    Search for SCAT token, enter amount of SOL you want to spend on token and press SWAP








Max supply

Contract Address





Comprehensive Token Audit done by $LOST

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Shot The $SCAT

Unplug the charts, Dive into the Fun: Crypto Enthusiasts, Game On!

"Shot the $SCAT" is a cute and addictive Android game where players control Karen, throwing yarn balls at playful Smudge Cats in various levels, navigating challenges, and unlocking new environments for delightful feline fun.



Chomp, Run, Win - $ScatMan Pursuit!

Dive into $ScatMan Pursuit, a browser-based sensation that blends retro charm with modern thrill. Strategize through dynamic mazes, outsmart ghosts with power-ups, and challenge friends in a pursuit of high scores. Your favorite classic, now with a twist

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Telegram Meme Generator

Woman Yelling At a Cat Meme

Users can generate popular Woman Yelling At a Cat Meme using various themes

Random Crypto Meme

Users can generate random crypto-related meme using one simple command

Personalized Meme

Users can generate meme with own content using predefined template

Online Meme Generator

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Check out our ambitious plans: as we go, we’ll tick the points until we’re there

  • 10% Community grow

    Build a thriving and engaged community around Smudge The Cat Token

  • 20% Games

    Develop an entertaining and interactive android and browser game featuring the beloved Smudge the Cat meme

  • 35% Telegram Meme generator

    Build Telegram meme generator

  • 50% Online Meme Generator

    Build webapp meme generator

  • 75% CEX Listing

    Secure listings on major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges for increased liquidity and accessibility

  • 100% Token utilities

    Enhance the practicality and utility of Smudge The Cat Token within the ecosystem. We will never stop building!